What are the various qualities of a good driver?

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Ever wondered if you are a good driver?

When we are behind the wheel in our car and are driving from one place to another, then it is common to experience bad driving and see bad drivers on an everyday basis. Bad drivers may not follow traffic rules, may skip lane driving, may talk on the phone or listen to very loud music and these are some signs to recognize them. But what really are the qualities of a good driver? Well, for starters, a good driver is one who is well trained and skilled. The following are the other few qualities of a good driver:

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has provided the answers to this vital question.

According to FRSC, every good driver must possess the following;

  1. A driver is bound by two laws; Traffic laws and Vehicle maintenance laws.
  2. Must perform at least five actions at a time.
  3. Must think fast on what is ahead.
  4. Must sense or hear every movement or noise around.
  5. Must be able to feel a new change from any component of the vehicle.
  6. Must see what he or she is driving to avoid danger.
  7. A good driver must have good knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.
  8. He must be at alert for full concentration.
  9. He must have good foresight to be able to identify a potential danger.
  10. He must have good skills to be able to handle his vehicle.
  11. He must be able to judge positively.

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