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- About Us

MyDriverNG is an online platform that provides opportunities for well qualified drivers to meet those seeking their services.

Powered by our parent company Primeheight Corporate Services, our aim is to reduce the stress involved in finding trusted and verified drivers to fit employers’ standards.

In order to bridge this gap, we have an increasing pool of drivers constantly going through the screening process with us and only awaiting employment.

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- Frequently asked questions

To subscribe you will have to pay 10% of driver’s gross annual salary for individuals and a minimum of 12% of driver’s gross annual salary for corporate organization. This covers multiple replacement of driver. Subscription is usual per driver slot, however a customer can subscribe for more than one slot, which will be discounted. Subscription covers for a year period and is subject to renewal.

Drivers are thoroughly verified and checked to ensure your safety

This depends on some key factors like driver’s availability as at the time of selection, agreeable conditions of engagement between client & driver.

If a customer is resourcing the driver, he/she will pay the driver directly, but in outsourcing MydriverNG.com pays the direct from the service fee billed to the client.

MydriverNG’s Core Operational Values

We esteemed these ethical values just to serve our users better

We demonstrate professionalism in the way and manner we deliver our services to our users and ensures our drivers represents what we stand for.
We do what we say and mean what we say.
Safety and Security
Safeguarding the lives and properties of our users is our top most priority and ensuring security of same.
Continuous Improvement
We constantly improve our systems and processes just to serve our users better.

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