Terms & Conditions

1. Employer Terms & Conditions

Haven done the required checks and verification on drivers, MydriverNG shall not be held responsible or liable for any misconduct or misappropriation on the part of the driver and customers. We believe that by verification carried out on your selected driver and has ensures a necessary security checks has been carried out by our organization to the best of our knowledge, however the cycle of verification and checks continue with you as you engaged him as your official driver to ensure your continuous safety with the engaged driver.

Driver shall indemnify customer against any breach resulting from driver's negligence to the extent of the term as agreed during engagement.

However, this indemnity shall not be applicable if the customer is from obvious and proven point of view liable in negligence or any form of misconduct.

The amount paid to Mydriverng for driver's verification and check is a non refundable fee, however clients are guaranteed that they would be able to engage the driver they select according to their specification and preference.

Drivers are not employees of Primeheight Corporate Services, once engaged by customer they become the responsibility of the customer.

2. Driver's Acceptance/Rejection Policy

After a successful checks and verification and it has been ascertain that the driver is ready and willing to join the prospective employer as the official employee of the customer, we expect that the customer accepts the driver to further engaged him/her. However if the customer feels the need to reject the driver for any reason, this should be communicated to us within three to seven days of engaging the driver.

3. Driver's Replacement Policy

A driver can be replaced only if we get a rejection notice from the customer within three to seven days of engagement. Below are conditions for replacing a driver;

  • Display of observable gross misconduct that led to the sudden rejection of the driver
  • Insubordination on the part of the driver within the specified period of three to seven days of engagement.
  • We do not replace a driver if by any means the driver was rejected without any concrete reason given.
  • Any complaint after the stipulated time required to make a rejection notice is considered a new/fresh transaction.
  • We expect prompt complaints from our customer immediately any issue arises for early closure of noticed gaps.
  • We expect a cordial working relationship between the driver and the employer.

4. Driver's Terms & Conditions

A driver will be delisted from the platform, if we discover that the information supplied are/were not verifiable and does not meet material facts.

A driver will be delisted if he/she disappoints a customers that has already selected the said driver.

A driver must give adequate notice to the employer, before exiting the engagement of the employer.

A driver must serve the employer devotedly and ensures the maximum satisfaction of the employer.

I attest that I do not have any previous criminal records and if found out by MydriverNG, MydriverNG will not be held liable for my criminal history.

I have a valid driver's license and if I forge/handle a fake license, I stand to be delisted by MydriverNG.

The employer reserves the right to end the engagement contract if he/she is dissatisfied with my service.

I will ensure the safety of the employer, properties and love ones.

I pledge to be loyal to both MydriverNG and the employer.