Driver Terms and Condition

Driver’s Terms & Conditions

  • A driver must have valid license
  • A driver must be above 18 years of age
  • A driver must reside within the state and area of residence
  • A driver will be delisted from the platform, if we discover that the information supplied are/were not verifiable and does not meet material facts discovered.
  • A driver will be delisted if he/she disappoints consistently for 3 times when scheduled to meet prospective employer(s).
  • A driver must give adequate notice to the employer, before exiting the engagement of the employer.
  • A driver must serve the employer devotedly and ensures the maximum satisfaction of the employer.
  • I attest that I do not have any previous criminal records and if found out by MydriverNG, she will not be held liable for my criminal history.
  • I have a valid driver’s license and if I forge/handle a fake license, I stand to be delisted by MydriverNG.
  • The employer reserves the right to end the engagement contract if he/she is dissatisfied with my service.
  • Drivers are not allowed to act as a sub agent to employers registered on our platform, under any circumstances, If found out, such driver shall be delisted
  • Drivers servicing with Uber partners are to pay a token fee from NGN5, 000 for facilitation purposes.
  • Any driver that rejects an offer of the employer after we have already incurred cost for verification and checks, shall be made to pay a disengagement fee of NGN3,500
  • A driver is to ensure the safety of the employer’s properties, lives and love ones accordingly.
  • A driver must pledge loyalty to both MydriverNG and the employer respectively.
  • If found wanting in any of the areas examined here in this terms and conditions, the driver stand to be held liable accordingly.