Q: Why should I trust the drivers on MydriverNG.com?

A: Drivers are thoroughly verified and checked to ensure your safety

Q: How does the subscription work?

A: To subscribe you will have to pay 10% of driver's gross annual salary for individuals and a minimum of 12% of driver's gross annual salary for corporate organization. This covers multiple replacement of driver. Subscription is usual per driver slot, however a customer can subscribe for more than one slot, which will be discounted. Subscription covers for a year period and is subject to renewal.

Q: Who pays the driver at the end of the month?

A: If a customer is resourcing the driver, he/she will pay the driver directly, but in outsourcing MydriverNG.com pays the direct from the service fee billed to the client.

Q: How long does it takes to engage a driver after selection?

A: This depends on some key factors like driver's availability as at the time of selection, agreeable conditions of engagement between client & driver.

Q: What happens when my preferred driver can't be found as at the time of search?

A: A customer can put a direct call to our customer service number to place a direct request which will be attended to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Q: Can I replace my driver if I am not satisfied with him after engaging him?

A: A customer can have another replacement, if he/she inform us immediately of the notice of replacement within the 1-7 days of engagement. However there are grounds for replacing an engaged driver. See below for conditions of replacement:
A driver can be replaced only if we get a rejection notice from the customer within three to seven days of engagement. Below are conditions for replacing a driver;
 Display of observable gross misconduct that led to the sudden rejection of the driver
 Insubordination on the part of the driver within the specified period of three to seven days of engagement.
We do not replace a driver if by any means the driver was rejected without any concrete reason given. Any complaint after the stipulated time required to make a rejection notice is considered a new/fresh transaction. We expect prompt complaints from our customer immediately any issue arises for early closure of noticed gaps. We expect a cordial working relationship between the driver and the employer.

Q: Do I get to pay if am replacing a driver?

A: Its depends if a customer is making the request for replacement immediately after engagement, on this grounds, the customer will not be charged an extra fee. Making a request for replacement after the stipulated time, the customer will be required to make full payment.

Q: Can I get a driver to relieve my engaged driver when he embarks on Leave?

A: Yes you can, but will have to pay the relief the number of days worked.

Q: Can I hire a driver for a day?

A: Yes you can, just place a direct request to our customer service line